What we do

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Music Supervision/Management and rights expertise for Film and TV

COPENHAGEN FILM MUSIC is founded to secure the best possible dialog between Director, Composer, Music Supervisor and filmproducer.  

COPENHAGEN FILM MUSIC administrates music departments at leading scandinavian film production companies, handling all aspects of music needs on all productions, involved as a natural part of the team from the first draft of the manuscript to the end product. 

Common for all partner companies is that they wanted to provide a dedicated Music Supervisor point person to all their productions, because the handling of music is nothing they take lightly. It requires experience and knowledge to work with all the aspects of music synchronization and at the same time know the “language of music”. Music is a priority topic from the first draft of a film script, Music is too important an element for random decisions

SAM MUSIC;  We invest in music, – we work with music. We believe in good partnerships and see it as our responsibility to obtain a high professional level in the creative process. Our copyrights are promoted with the film’s launch and play a significant role for all of us.


All partner companies are provided; • full-service music supervision from song selection to original score • licensing • clearance • publishing • script breakdown and consultation.