Music, – if it’s not honest, it means nothing!

Objectivity means more than anything and the music should first off all support the project’s vision, meaning that we work with every music provider needed. The role as Music Supervisor is not only the fun and creative work, it is also about handling needs and vision with a sharp eye on budgets. Great and relevant music in all genres, possible to clear within the budget, is one of the key issues in the edit room.

Music can be many things. The most important element for us is authenticity. You can’t cheat with music, – if it’s not honest, it means nothing!

All partner companies are provided; • full-service music supervision from song selection to original score • licensing • clearance • publishing • script breakdown and consultation.

To be able to provide the best creative solution to partners COPENHAGEN FILM MUSIC represents a range of music catalogues with identity and integrity giving the entire project benefits in terms of timeline and prices.