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Ritch Esra – Owner at Music Business Registry, Alicen Catron Schneider – VP Creative Services, NBC Universal TV, Gary Calamar – President, Go! Music Services, Jason Alexander – Music Supervisor, Hit The Ground Running, Inc., Kyle Hopkins – Head of Music Supervision, Microsoft Media Acquisitions, 
Nis Bøgvad – Creative Director & Music Supervisor, Music Sales Group (Scandinavia)

Syncblog talks to Nis about the Danish music industry and sync sector:

Spotlight on the Danish sync market with Nis Bøgvad


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Nis B Nis Bøgvad CEO & Founder / Music supervisor and Music rights expert

Nis has worked in all aspects of the music business:  As a Music supervisor for Film and TV he is involved as a natural part of the team of writers, directors and producers from the first draft of the manuscript to the end product. Within the last two years (2011-2013) Nis has synchronized music to more than 100 commercials and feature films. Nis is also a Multi Platinum Award selling Songwriter, Producer and Recording artist, A&R director and Executive Producer.

  • With his 27 years experience as a music professional, Nis has worked in all aspects of the music business.· COPENHAGEN FILM MUSIC // CEO & Founder / Music supervisor and Music rights expert
    · Conference speaker and moderator at international music conferences
    · MUSIC SALES GROUP – Nordic countries // Creative Director & Music Supervisor
    · MUSIC SALES GROUP – Nordic countries // Head of Film and TV
    · KYOTO // Artist Management
    · DANISH MUSIC ACADAMY // Education Adviser
    · EMI music // A&R director
    · EMI music // Member of the European A&R committee
    · MBO // A&R director
    · Eurovision Song Contest // Music consultant
    · DR national broadcasting // Executive producer, Crown prince Royal Wedding
    · BTB Records // Creative director / co. owner
    · Multi -Platinum selling songwriter, recording/performing artist and producer 1987/current