Partner Companies

SAM is a screenwriter-based company, with the ambition of working with the strongest Scandinavian talent from the world of TV-series and feature films, creating stories to a large audience both in Denmark and abroad.

Søren SveistrupAdam PriceMeta Louise Foldager and Studiocanal founded SAM PRODUCTIONS LTD. in 2014.

 – we produce and co-produce features and short films both nationally and internationally.

Meta Film consist of:
Meta Louise Foldager (CEO)
Producers: Sara NamerNina Bisgaard and Emilie Lebech Kaae
Office manager: Sidsel Galatius
Head of development & associate producer: Kirsten Larsen Langgaard
Producer assistants: Camilla Albrechtsen, Fie Liv Bratfeldt and Sarah Chheiber
Accountant Ulla Lund Hansen

…and various freelance partners and readers.

NORDISK FILM is the leading developer, producer and distributor of films in the Nordic region, and the leading cinema operator in Denmark and Norway. Furthermore Nordisk Film holds the Nordic distribution rights to Sony PlayStation.

Christoffer Boe (born 1974) is a Danish film director and screenwriter. He is an established and well-known not only in Denmark, but all through the world.

Director and writer  of SEX, DRUGS AND TAXATION; Based on true events, two notorious and provocative figures of modern Danish history, Spies and Glistrup, provide a radical view on liberty through money, sex and drugs.

Profile Pictures is a Copenhagen-based production company founded in October 2011 by producers Thor SigurjonssonJacob Jarek and Ditte Milsted, and joined by producer and partner Caroline Schlüter Bingestam in 2014. Our office is situated downtown in Copenhagen.

Profile Pictures’ goal is to produce projects that can rock the boat, either in terms of genre or storytelling, while still keeping a firm eye on the audience on a national as well as international level. We not only look to work with filmmakers from Denmark, but also with international talent.

SF FILM PRODUCTION mainly produces fiction features and TV-series, but also short films and documentaries are important formats.